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How Real Estate Photography Can Help Sell Your Property Quicker

Property buyers, agents and sellers alike will always have an interest in how they can help to improve the time taken to sell a property. A great way of doing this is by providing high-quality photos which depict the home or condo that is being put on the market for sale.

How to use real estate photography to your advantage

The real estate market is one of the most competitive in the business, and finding an edge in the game will make you stand out from the crowd. e As a professional real estate photographer, I can tell you that it is very important to have good photos of homes for sale. Homes without good quality photos are rarely sold; the vast majority of buyers start their search online with Google or Zillow.

Real estate photography is about more than just getting a pretty picture. It's about maximizing the exposure of your listings on all platforms including local MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and even Facebook! Use professional photography to your advantage to maximize your listing's appeal and reach.

Take good photos even if you don't have all the expensive gear

The best photographs for real estate are successful because they don't just show the property itself; they also capture the setting and potential of the surrounding area. And taking great images is more than just pointing and shooting with a high-quality camera. You need to take advantage of natural light, experiment with depth of field (the distance between the subject and background), and capture images that reflect the home's best features.

Beautiful home photography at twilight
Twilight photography can really help sell a listing!

Here are two tips for making sure your photos give you an edge when selling your property:

  1. Take pictures during "magic hours." The early morning and late afternoon hours (say, before 11am and after 3pm) are ideal times to take pictures because they provide better light than midday sun. Magic hour lighting creates shadows that add depth to images, but it also makes colors more vibrant—which makes your property look more appealing.

  2. Photograph during warmer months. Cold weather tends to have dark skies because there aren't as many particles in the air for sunlight

Get professional help if you can't do it yourself

Professional real estate photography can make a huge difference in how your property is perceived. A bad photo can cause the viewer to pass over an otherwise attractive listing, either because they don't like what they see or they don't think it's worth the asking price.

What good photos do is show off the best features of the property by eliminating distractions and highlighting those features. This makes your property more appealing and helps buyers visualize themselves in the home.

A professional photographer will also know how to capture a property at its very best. They'll only shoot when the lighting is just right, and will use a wide range of lenses to capture a property from different angles. They'll also know how to showcase each room effectively, including both interior and exterior shots.

Conclusion: High quality real estate photography sells your property faster and for more money

There are various factors which affect the selling of any particular property: location, price, marketing etc. but the one element which plays a key role in the selling of any property is its photography due to its ability to capture a viewer's eye and give them an insight into what they will be getting with their potential new home.

The average person only spends a short time viewing a property before making a decision to view in-person or not, so it is important that your photos sell your property in the first few seconds.

Therefore it is essential that you have consistent high quality photography taken at different times of the day and from different angles when marketing your property to ensure that you get the best possible return on your investment.

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